The raw material: Cocoa

The seeds extracted from the pod are subjected to an articulated and delicate refinement process in every phase. Left to ferment for about 6 days, the seeds are then dried in the sun and toasted

A precious fruit

The seeds extracted from the cocoa pod undergo an articulate and delicate refining process for all of its stages. The seeds are left to ferment for about six days and then left to dry in the sun and roasted.

Semi estratti dalla cabossa
Fermentazione ed essiccazione
Semi ormai tostati

Before the chocolate

After roasting, the seeds are peeled and ground – this work was traditionally carried out with metate – to obtain the cocoa mass (from which we start today to make our chocolate): a product with a bitter taste and an enveloping aroma which, like wine , can be influenced by dozens of variables such as the geographical area, the year of production, the point of maturation or the climatic conditions.

A fruit useful for the body and good for the spirit

In addition to possessing an aromatic bouquet made up of hundreds of aromas and scents, cocoa is in fact rich in flavonoids, vitamins and active ingredients that have a positive effect on health.

Cold processing allows these characteristics to be kept unaltered and creates a product capable of releasing all the volatile substances in the mouth which would be lost through modern conching at high temperatures .

Our cocoa comes from certified plantations that do not use child labour, and workers’ conditions are protected and safeguarded.