Bittersweet Chocolate With Nutmeg

Product description

The elegant and defiant nature of nutmeg meets with cocoa, giving life to a chocolate with a fragrant and lively flavour.
Net Weight (grams) 50
Net Weight (oz) 1.76
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar, nutmeg 0.35%
Storage conditions Store at 57-77°F
May contain traces of Nuts and milk
Cacao minimo

Average nutritional values per 100g of product

Energy (kj.) 2280
Energy (kcal.) 546
Fat (gr.) 31.2
of which saturates (gr.) 20.1
Carbohydrate (gr.) 57.0
of which sugars (gr.) 31.9
Protein (gr.) 10.0
Salt (gr.) 0.030

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